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1st goal:

of voting age citizens
have read and understand
the annual
financial report
of the
U.S. Government.


*If you're looking for the 2009 Coaster Reports, we'll have them out in a couple months as cash flow allows.

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In your lifetime, you will spend more on government than you will spend on your home. Shouldn't you know how you are spending your tax dollars?


Make it easy...

On the Road to Great Democracy: Clear and Honest Financial Reports

Remember the first time you sat down at your own kitchen table with a stack of bills and your paycheck and said, "How am I going to make this work?" Paying attention to your financial situation is a milestone in growing up.

It is time we all sat down at our public kitchen table. Most government decisions are about how our nation's wealth is distributed. We keep track of money distribution by keeping accounts. To offer your best mind, your best thoughts and best voice to public decision-making, you must understand the financial report so that you can put decisions in their financial context.

The Government issues a financial report of almost 200 pages. It is unnecessarily confusing. Read the book, On the Road to Great Democracy: Clear and Honest Financial Reports for a proposal to make the reports simple, clear and comprehensible.

When all citizens in our democracy can sit down together to figure out how we are going to make it work, our democracy will have grown up a notch.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Virginia Hammon




This is a bootstrap operation. Your financial contribution will be used to improve the website, to pay the upfront costs for producing a 2009 update of this book and a short iIlustrated 2009 U.S. Government Financial Report. Thank you!



On the Road to Great Democracy:
Clear and Honest Financial Reports

ISBN-13: 978-0978600709

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